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Will ferrell to star as sherlock holmes in new comedy film. A humorous take on sir arthur conan doyles classic mysteries featuring sherlock holmes and. Watson, with rebecca hall, rob brydon, steve coogan, and ralph fiennes in supporting roles. A drunken sherlock holmes is really just a cover for the real detective, dr. Reilly as the eponymous characters sherlock holmes and dr.

A game of shadows are finally getting a sequel, with. Will ferrell is to take on the iconic role of sherlock holmes for a brand new comedy film. The adventures of sherlock holmes 1939 starring basil. Sherlock holmes parental guide is this movie suitable. And make no mistake, it wants to be a franchise the movie leaves off where a sequel could handily pick right up. The woman in green full movie basil rathbone nigel bruce tcc ai color. Sherlock holmes 2009 tt0988045 eccentric consulting detective, sherlock holmes and doctor john watson battle to bring down a new nemesis. Etan cohen, arthur conan doyle sherlock holmes and dr. The sony film which unites step brothers stars will ferrell and john c reilly was released on christmas day having not been screened to critics in advance. Watch sherlock holmes english subtitles at eccentric consulting detective, sherlock holmes and doctor john watson battle to bring down a new.

Watson is the ace detective and has been using an actor to play the part holmes. I am also a very strong advocate for the reform of marijuana laws, for legalizing medical and personal use. Really good movie that ticks all the boxes for a good time. The second in a series of fourteen films to star basil rathbone and nigel bruce as the twentieth centurys most iconic iteration of sherlock holmes and dr. With michael caine, ben kingsley, jeffrey jones, lysette anthony. Sherlock holmes 2009 pg 2h 8m action thrillers robert downey jr. The most popular sherlock holmes movies were those with basil rathbone playing the lead and nigel bruce as. It looks quite good for a tv movie, and we get some creepy visuals involving. The fourth and final film in the hallmark channels sherlock holmes film series is the first to tell an original story. Sometimes a comedy comes along that doesnt seem to land for most viewers but that i find funny anyway. This is perhaps due as much to the missing parts of the film as it is to the finished article. This film version of sherlock holmes is a prime example of film as an art. Guy ritchies two sherlock holmes movies 2009s sherlock holmes and 2011s sherlock holmes.

Lavishly funny film highlights the relationship between holmes and watson, the woman who outsmarted him, and more. Detective sherlock holmes and his stalwart partner watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of england. Legendary detective sherlock holmes and his partner doctor watson return for a comedic. Sherlock holmes guy ritchie adds plenty of swagger to conan doyles creation in this film. When watson tries to go it alone, he doesnt have much success, so he is forced to let holmes take all the credit once more. Sherlock holmes is the single most frequently filmed fictional character with almost 200 film appearances to date. Legendary detective sherlock holmes and his partner doctor watson return for a comedic take on their classic literary partnership, as they use their incredible deductive minds to solve. Watson nigel bruce square off against their archenemy, professor moriarty george zucco, who has designs on the tower of londons crown jewels. Right now, theres a new will ferrell comedy playing on more than 2,000 screens, and yet its barely attracted any attention or commentary. Sherlock holmes has the sooty, gritty look and feel of bygone london, and ritchie, no surprise, brings out the franchises pugnacious side.

The mysterious actionadventure, sherlock holmes staged by the renowned filmmaker guy ritchie for warner bros. Holmes is a drunken actor and gets on watsons nerves. I didnt limit this to films on the big screen because that would exclude jeremy brett and benedict cumberbatch and then id really get some attitude. Sir arthur conan doyle is probably still turning in his grave laughing over this 1988 british period comedy, an insideout spoof of his greatest creation, sherlock holmes. The film was directed by guy ritchie and produced by joel silver, lionel wigram, susan downey, and dan lin. From the lively, quickmoving camera work that dances around a mysterious plot, to the beautiful sprinkling of graphic design touches in the titles and end credits sherlock holmes is an artistic expression of film magic. Holmes made his first film appearance drawing from gillettes portrayal in sherlock holmes baffled 1900, a 30 second film that shows holmes bamboozled by a crook with seemingly magical powers. One twitter user branded the etan cohen film the worst piece of trash movie i have ever seen in my entire life with. This film is a mess from start to finish, if youre expecting to see another step brothers or talladega nights, you will be sorely disappointed. He took on the role for a 2007 british tv film sherlock holmes and. Movies and tv shows like sherlock if you like sherlock you are looking for captivating, clever and witty movies or tv shows about with private detective, investigation, sherlock holmes, crime, mind game, mastermind and prodigy themes of crime, drama and mystery genre shot in uk or usa. Other actors who played holmes in those films were otto lagoni, einar zangenberg, lauritz olsen, and alwin neuss. Without a clue stars oscar winners michael caine and ben kingsley as the dandy duo but with a twist.

Reilly return together for this limp retread of the sherlock story. The 10 best sherlock holmes movies of all time taste of. Reilly again seems to be elementary for studio sony as a sherlock holmes movie starring the comedy duo is moving forward. He and comedy partner dudley moore played holmes and watson for laughs in the 1978 spoof the hound of the baskervilles.

Quotes on how he was awarded his military cross all i did, old man, was disguise myself as a treethats correct, a treeand cross no mans land to gather a bit of information from the german lines. There is a new criminal mastermind at largeprofessor james moriarty jared harrisand not only is he holmes intellectual equal, but his capacity for evil, coupled with a complete lack of. The return of sherlock holmes 1929, as part of an anthology film, paramount on parade 1930, and sherlock holmes 1932. Sherlock holmes movie full download watch sherlock. This is what happens when sherlock holmes becomes public domain. We help parents decide if the content is appropriate for kids sherlock holmes when five women are murdered, holmes and watson thwart lord blackwoods evil plot to. The actor will star as the fictional super sleuth alongside john c reilly, who will take on the role of do. One scene where holmes gets out of an uncomfortable situation with the false claim that he and watson are gay and the consequences of that lie may not play well with todays audiences. Sherlock holmes is a 2009 period mystery action film based on the character of the same name created by sir arthur conan doyle. Sherlock holmes 3 movie cast, filming, trailer and more. If a comedy falls in the forest and nobody laughs, did it even exist.

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